Unfortunately I Can't

October 16, 2008
By Alaina Gray, Columbia, SC

I want to write this poem.
And yet I don’t know how.
It’s like those words are in my head and are swimming
in my cerebellum but they just sit there lethargically
Words like ‘dark’ and ‘love’ that don’t make sense together.
I want to write this poem you see,
That inspires millions to march and sing together
I want it to make people wake up and have hot flashes
from epiphanies formed by my words
I want this poem to scream human liberties and utter about those suffering
using powerful metaphors and alliteration
I want this poem to have a meaning so great that
Even the teenager with the short attention span and traumatic depression
Will look at it and say “Wow that really speaks to me.”
(Even though I have no idea who they are)
I want to write this prolific it poem, unfortunately I can’t

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