From the Moment We Met

October 15, 2008
As the days grow longer my strength and courage
grow like the many strong trees in the forest and burn
like the hot intensity of a flame. I’m hot to the touch
and scary to the thoughts of many. Thoughts that can
change quickly, like the tides can change a persons
life. For better or for worse is what I once said,
as we stood before one another, face to face,
heart to heart. For richer or poorer is what I agreed to,
no matter what the outcome. Till death do us part is
something that scared me. Now as the years continue to
linger on, we enjoy every sweet and sad moment.
From young to old, I’ll hold you in my arms; feeling every
breath you take and feel our hearts as they beat to the
same metronome. From all the stories that we have heard
and seen, we never believed that after all the battles and wars alike,
we would be able to tell our story to people young and old. Now
as the seasons change, and dark clouds follow us wherever
we go, we feel as though the end is near. From sunny
days with a picnic outside, to those chilly winter nights
when we cuddled together, back to the cool starry nights
when we would lay on the soft blue blanket and tell one
another of all the secrets that we kept locked inside. And
now as I feel time getting shorter, I know that even though
I won’t be able to hold you in my arms, I know that with every
day that passes, we will forever be together, in any shape or form.

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