Blackened Remains

October 16, 2008
Lie shattered the pieces of your heart
Broken to the point of no return.
They're black and smooth around the edges
From the fires that within you burn.

You attempted repair after you crashed
Hitting the bottom with such a force.
Trying rashly to sew the major pieces
While struggling to maintain a shallow course.

Spontaneous combustion is possible now
You'll implode any minute i suppose.
Heavy and black your heart weighs sometimes
Like you can't pull away, then all the doors close.

Now the empty void seems friendly atleast
Not so harsh and demanding anymore.
The sorrow falls away in the painful tears
No longer the memories of a childhood whore.

The life you imagine you've so often lived
Has lied to you so easily and carelessly.
You can't bear to separate the truth from the lies
You've been tried and lied to, now broken listlessly.

Your thoughts resonate the hatred towards people
Those who've decieved you, torn and shattered you.
You'll never be the same after this damn episode
You wish that just one person had remained true.

Suicide currently plays on the easy side
Granting you the gift of one last final test.
Daring you to be strong enough to slice yourself
Giving you an option out of this nasty mess.

The end result will always be the same
Bullets, Ropes, Blades, Drowning, Pills, and Spades.
Some will die of grievance, some will go insane
From those twisted mangled bodies with everything to blame.

You can't hold them responsible for it now
It's too late to charge them with murder of a soul.
Though you can tell of the damage inflicted inside
None can really see that no part of you is whole.

So you search inside yourself one last time
Only to find that what you're looking for has fled.
Leaving you honestly empty inside a useless body
The last living part of you dead.

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Amos22 said...
Oct. 23, 2008 at 5:42 pm
great job!
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