October 9, 2008
By Samantha Blonde, Davisburg, MI

I was 6 months old,
I had just arrived at the airport
I was waiting to be picked up
where I could meet my new family
that just adopted me.

My brother tugged on my mother’s sleeve
asking if he could hold me.
He put me down on
the luggage carousel
hoping to get rid of me.
Round and round
I went crying
hoping for someone to notice me.

Then my mom finally did.
She started shrieking and screaming
Then my dad came running after me.
He caught me right before I went outside
back towards the plane.
Later mom and dad
“sat” down with him.

I got him back
4 years later
by biting him on the arm.
I left teeth marks
that barely broke the skin
like a dog’s bite.

He was mad.
I got in trouble
until I cried
saying, “He did it first!”
My mom simply said,
“Don’t pick on your sister.”

By now she was used to the two of us,
fighting with each other
with him to blame.

Yesterday he asked me to check the mail
to hide his report card
so dad doesn’t find out.

I got A’s

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