Eyes Of Disguise

October 23, 2013
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If I look into your eyes,

I may first see a disguise.

A shield to protect,

The inside intellect.

Me, Myself, and I,
Are not of a different kind.
I have a shield just like you,
Except thicker times two.
And sadly I let you in,
Under the thick protective skin.
You have won a place in my heart,
In which there is no feeling of tart.
My heart is split up,
Into sections: Hate and Love.
You have won my section of love,
And now you are at the very top.
You may be the one and only,
I may trust so very boldly.
Just be sure to call my name,
If there is a feeling of doubt or pain.
And my heart calls out to you,
So you never have to ask who.
Since my heart and yours,
At the very center of our cores,
Are connected with one string,
That is too deep in to dig.
But sometimes I just feel,
Words are not enough to heal.
You must prove your words by action,
By showing love and affection.
Approach me smart and slowly,
Call me sweet and lovely.
If you don’t want to lose your spot,
At the very top of my heart.
I know for me you’d walk a thousand miles,
And in return you’d get my smiles.
If you say you truly love me,
Then by your actions I must see.
As you know how people say,
“Actions go a farther way.”
And in return to you I say,
“My knight and shinning armor, I love you the very same way.”
And as you open your eyes,
I no longer see a disguise.

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