this is not a love poem

October 9, 2008
maybe if I actually believed in

witches and folklore, merciless things of the past

I could be, (before) you tell me reasons why.

(the glass breaks -) and your flowers

fall, limp and cold on dead-tile floor.

it's an accident, of course (i

just want to say -) forget-me-nots

are strewn in puddles - but no,

I never forgot myself. don't say

(I love you) because there are postcards,

chocolates in the mail for that type

of thing. (this is not a love poem.)

it's not like me either - but it's

here and why I want to throw my

precognition - out the window.

please don't breathe, like you're drowning? (if

you say so)

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nvrmr34521 said...
Oct. 17, 2008 at 11:54 pm
omg this is really cool i like how the paretheses words are a diferent message than the rest of the poem.
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