The Magic in the Rain

October 8, 2008
The rain traipses down my ol' tin roof,
Wiping my slate clean.
It washes dirt embedded in,
Into curvy streams.
Stepping into dancing rain,
The water slides across my toes.
In likes to gather in my nails,
And pool around the souls.
It tumbles out of curly locks
And tries to make me wet.
But I just brush it off and laugh,
"You haven't got me yet!"
It comes once more with faerie dust,
To soak my tender skin.
But I just dance around the street,
"You know you'll never win!"
The rain turns dark, and bittersweet.
Drops flying down so fast.
It slides across my every pore,
"Won't you give up at last?"
But NO! It says, I'LL NEVER STOP!
The rain fills me up, to the top,
He keeps on pouring full of rage,
I'm not sure what is next.
I've finally lost against the Gods,
All this was just a test.
I fall aback and lie in a pool,
A chill down to my bones.
And that is where they say you found me,
Lying on my own.
They say your smile beamed from above,
And kindled a sort of flame
That let my soul keep burning on,
They say you saved this Dame!
You don't believe me? I'm not surprised,
They never really do.
For who believes in faerie dust,
And the majesty of dew.

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