The Reincarnated Sister Who Left Me Forever

October 9, 2008
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Remembering you
My once BFF
I thought we would be together
Until the end

We shared everything
How we liked this guy and that guy
How this guy looked at one of us funny
And how that guy was unusually nice to one of us

We were so good friends
That you knew who I was crushing hard on
Before I did!!!

We loved each other like sisters
You told me once
Long ago
When we were talking
About myths and religious beliefs
That you thought we were
“Reincarnated sisters”
And that we were lucky
To have finally found each other

Then one day
You stopped talking to me
I still don’t know why
But we were no longer friends
I was “smart” enough to know that
Or that’s what you would have said
If we still talked

We don’t even see each other anymore
Could it almost be a year already?
Yes, it could
You were one of those girls that come and go

But I just thought I’d let you know
I have a class with your current crush
Unless that’s changed already too
And each time I see him
I see what you saw
But I promise I’m not falling for him

Sometimes I think about spilling the beans
Especially since you ride the same bus as him
As you’ve told me a million times before
But I know that’d hurt you
And for some reason I don’t want to hurt you

But I also thought I’d let you know
That every time he looks at me
He looks funny
I just can’t explain

I try not to look twice
But it’s really hard
His gaze so hypnotizing

Luckily it’s only one class
I have three with the guy I like

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