October 14, 2008
By samantha simons, Justice, IL

Such a word no word can say
So light on lips and still tends to weigh
Holding hands from dusk till dawn,
Bodies warm tender lips are drawn
A clock on the wall can tick and tock
The sun will burn without the block
The door is open with out the lock
One needs the other, the other needs one
Without one another love hasn¡¯t begun
One cares too little one cares too less,
Unevenly both devising a mess
Equality is the significant test
Balance is two hearts completely undressed
The hand on the clock that keeps us abreast
The block for the skin to save from the sun,
The key to the door that unlocks each one
Most love being merely a pun
However when two naked hearts are balanced, love has begun.

The author's comments:
writting is the best thing in teh world to me. to spill my emotions and wisdome on paper and have people enjoy or learn from it is my main goal in life.

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