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October 10, 2013
By TheGianaJinx GOLD, Congers, New York
TheGianaJinx GOLD, Congers, New York
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Maybe one day, she’ll notice me.
Right now, I just have nothing to say.
She might notice me, but there is no guaranty.

Maybe one day, she’ll talk to me.
I’m not going to let her slip away.
I’ll talk to her now, you’ll all see.

Maybe one day, she’ll see me.
As of now, these skies look gray.
Without her, what is there to be?

Maybe one day, she’ll hear me.
She must listen now, as I've been waiting all day.
Why do I love her if I wish to be free?

Maybe one day, she’ll think of me.
It’s all these fears that I wish to allay.
It’s nothing but pain I can foresee.

Maybe one day, she’ll remember me.
I need to keep my emotions at bay.
I know I may be dead, but there’s something left to be.
Maybe I’d figure that out, if only she’d notice me.

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