Fear Him

October 11, 2008
By Amanda Sturdevant, Oakley, CA

Fear him, dear people, fear for your lives.
Fear him, for he sees all,
Humans, living or dead,
Are in his control.
Fear him, in his eyes,
Death calls,
For if you see him,
You shall not live long,
Fear him, his skin is whiter than snow,
His eyes are gray, but when fury consumes him,
They turn white as white as his skin.
If you see him, run, for once he gets
His hands around your neck,
Your soul is his.
His existence itself is shrouded in mystery,
His birth unknown, his death never to come.
Murder lives in his heart,
He is Hell in human form,
If he is human.
He is the Outcast,
Cast out to protect our dear people.
He continues to haunt us,
Coming only at night,
To feast on our souls.
Fear him, dear people, fear the Outcast.
For he is the curse of Belleriviere,
Fear him, my people, fear him.

The author's comments:
This poem is actually the prologue to my story that I am writing called "The Outcast". It is about the main character, Caneros, who is a prince who was murdered when he was 21, but was brought back to life...under one condition. He now had to protect the living dead, by feasting on the souls of the people who intruded on his territory. He finds this woman, Lady Amelia, and ends up falling in love with her, even though she is engaged to the current prince, Malan.

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