Love Bites

October 10, 2008
By Maria Agostini, Attleboro, MA

I sat on the deck
purse at hand
10 came close
but he was not there.

My heart started to brake
he left me here
I looked to the stars
but saw a full moon.

A chill ran up my spine
as the autumn wind blew
it was time to go home
a 20 minute walk.

I stood to walk away
smoke came from my mouth
I grabbed my pocketknife
for some protection.

I walked to the edge of the forest
and proceeded home
time a noise came
a noise from afar.

My paces quickened
my breath sped up.
Was some one there?

The noise came again
rustling of a bush
and then to my fear
footsteps followed.

I started to run
not looking back
the footsteps followed
and united with mine.

"No!" I yelled
I feared for my life
but soon they were in front of me
with golden eyes

in the dark of the night there was white
his skin shown bright
his teeth shine and sharp
his piercing laugh filled the air.

"Did you think I wasn't going to come"
he mocked
it could not be
my love had come
to kill me.

I screamed.
He lunged.
I fought.
He grabbed my throat.

His smile grew
so did the pain
his teeth shown
so did my fear.

"Think of it as a love bite"
he laughed and leaned forward
kissed my throat
and then bit it.

I felt my life start to leave me
my muffled scream
then nothing

I flew from my bed
screaming in terror
I was still alive
it was a dream.

Then in the corned
came a noise
one too familiar
the sound of death.

The shadow came forward
white as snow
teeth long
and laughing.

His eyes were golden
my shirt was red
he toughed my face
"Ready for dessert?"

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