C'mon baby

October 10, 2008
By Cassandra Cuddy, Milford, MA

August 6, 2008

You say your head is too heavy to bear
You say you’re fine, but you say it like you don’t care
You stay in your room with the curtains drawn
And the covers
Pulled over your eyes

I hold your hand, but you do not feel me
You look into my eyes, but you do not see me
You say you do, but you do not love me

You don’t care to comment on anything
But it’s overwhelmingly obvious
You’ve gone and dragged yourself down again

You can’t stand people and all their imperfections
Their cruelty, their self-absorbed way of life
You think they are shallow and merciless
And they are

But not always
Not all of them

You told me I was “sincere”
You told me I was “beautiful” and “true”
You told me I was the most important
The most heart-wrenching, seductive compliments
A girl could ask for

But I am only a part of your vision
Your breathtaking, impossible vision
The vision we used to share
The vision I still wish for
But have let go
Of you and our vision
Because it doesn’t make me happy, like we said it always would
It makes me sad
It makes me very, very sad

When we make love, you squeeze me so tight
Holding me close
You tell me we have the same soul
We’ve got to stick together, I’m all you have

I love you
But with you I have no hope
No faith
No belief
In the good in human nature
There is good
I know there is
I know you’ve been hurt
But there is good

I love you, I love you, I love you
But I refuse to be sad
With you
And that’s why you “picked” me
In the first place
You picked me
I was sad
I guess you like my tragic composition
My once tragic composition...

Baby, Baby,
I want to live!
I want to be happy in the darkest dark!
And I want you to be happy with me!
Come with me!
But you won’t
I want you to come with me
But you won’t

And so I’m leaving
I’m leaving, baby
Baby, baby,
Baby, c’mon
Let’s go

Baby c’mon,
baby, come on...


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