"When is daddy coming home?"

October 10, 2008
By Evelyn Montoya, Andover, KS

You kiss you family good-bye
You have no idea of the tragedy that is about to occur
Your plane takes off and you feel as if you are weightless
You are happy because you promised your baby girl that you would come home tomorrow to tuck her in at night
Your plane seems to be off course
Then you see it, the dark ominous cloud of smoke against the bright blue sky
You see the north tower is up in flame
Your heart sinks as you see what is about to happen
You see images of your baby girl sitting at home thinking about you not being able to wait for you to come home and you begin to sob
The thought of you not being able to come home rips you heart into little sharp shreds
As you draw in your last breath you see your baby girls face one last time
Then darkness…
Back home you wife lets out a mournful wail
The next day on 9-12, as your wife tucks in your baby girl tears role down her face
And she asks that dreaded question
“When is daddy coming home?”

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