Our World is Unknown

October 7, 2008
Our world is only as it seems, but in reality , only a blade of grass in the childeren's field at recess. We think we have figured it, out like we've got everthing in controll , but what we dont see is the world around us, a mear mystery to out backs.
We can epect the unecpected, and dream the impossible but Our world will still change. Our world can become the big picture for now, but really there's more than meets the eye, you can only look around you but can you really look beyond the sky?
Sure we have pictures and of course we have science , but we may never figure out the unknown. But Our world know's it's ok and that some things aren't meant to be found.
So rewind you mind and think of it in a different point of view, no spell was cursed or stories were versed on on the story of me and you. Our world is special and know's a thing or two about life. Remember the past and don't asume your future, for today will never catch up to tomorow.
Our race has certainly learned a lot about the planet that we live on. If only we could see the life beyond our horizon to find what else is ahead of time. Our world will carry one of life's greatest mysteries and one that we may never solve.
Leave it to the experts, but there is such thing as undiscovered, and Our world is unknown.

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ella :] said...
Oct. 15, 2008 at 8:44 pm
you poet, you! :D great job callie!
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