Words of a child

October 6, 2008
By Cimmarron Bale-fookes, Lacey, WA

I have a cry I have a plea,
I am a child in desperate need.
I am tall and proud in multiple crowds.
But when Im alone,
my true side must be shown.
the little girl my mom says she misses.
Not the previous one she dismisses.
Just the girl that wants to shine. The one that says
"see that child shes mine."
Not "see that child she just got of datention,
Oh and did I forget to mention,
that she hasnt always been pushing and shoving she use to..."
Yeah guys i get the clue.
I will change this new me.
Just here my cry here my plea,
because I am a child in desperate need.

The author's comments:
What inspired me is me and my moms relationship. We may not like eachother we may not like eachothers choices but in the end we will always love eachother...

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