October 7, 2008
I howl at the wind…to injustice
To things gone bad and gone astray…
To all those people who make life the way it is…to all of us
Who are you to think that you are any better than the rest of us?
Who are you to think that the balance of the universe is in your hands?
When people are shut down for what they want, believe, trust, and grieve.
This world that we have made and this people that we have become make me cringe at
the thought of what lies ahead…knowing that it can only get worse from here and
praying that it will never get that far.
I cannot help myself from wondering, hoping, praying, and smoldering all those lies that
have been pressed upon us.
No, no you cannot be here…no, no you cannot eat lunch with us…no, no you cannot talk
to me
I am “it” and I am “cool” and you are not who I want to be…you are nothing nothing to
We have this thing in our minds, in our heads, bodies, and imbedded in our souls
This thing called ego that so greatly affects everyone around us yet blinds us at the same
time so not even we cannot see that great damage that is being done
I hate this thing that we have done to ourselves and I howl at it
I want a time, a world, a place when people are loved, hugged, tugged, and shoved in the
right direction.
Instead we have created a world and a people that are repressed, distressed, depressed,
and regressed to a place where they have been told they don’t matter
We have shoved “them,” those people that we tell are unlovable and not good enough
into a corner, into a place where no one can see them, hear them, love them or
believe them
We have put them into a place and covered them with the foolishness of this world
And with the strife, pressure, treasure, and life we have pushed on them so heavily, they
willingly go to that place that they do not desire to see
Who are you to judge another person?
Who are you to compare and contrast the people of this world?
To those who think they are higher, smarter, greater, and brighter than others yet the
whole time they are just the same….just the same…just the same
Are you listening?
I will say it again…you are just the same…
And to think that we put these levels to life and place people on them the way we think that they should go
We give them medals, praises, stages, and pedestals and look up to them…because they
are so great…so mighty…so wonderful…
And the others…what others?
Those who we dis, twist, resist, and dismiss…those other people
I howl at the way life has become.
That you have to look, act, attract, and do what everyone else is doing.
You have follow this status quo or else….we are nothing…we become those other people
How dare we fight this quo, flow, show, and road of life we have been forced to go down
How can we even think of going one way…against the crowd…against this perfect and
unflawed way of life
Ha! Unflawed…this unflawed way of life?
I have learned to grow, show, know, and uphold the very opposite…in this very flawed
life that I have seen
Why don’t you turn around too?
You who are praised and adored for looking and acting and talking the way you do
Yet you know, you know that that is not you
The way you are when no one else is looking…
But no, no, no, no...there is no way
No way that I can let the real me out is what you say.
No way no one can ever see my flaws, scars, bars, and goals
Those things that I hide from you…the same thing that the other people have
The people that I push away…but you cannot see mine because then I would not be
me…but another other person
Is that the way this life has become?
That we cannot be who we really are because we are scared and afraid…
I howl at it…at the idea, the thought, the act, and the movement that it has created in all
of us today.
Lets open up…lets let others see who we really are…what we are made of
No one can tell you that you are less, nothing, no one,…but one
Only you yourself can ever tell you that.
Oh you people who put yourself on a pedestal….
Get down and embrace, love, enjoy, and place this thing of lies behind you.
Get on your feet, on the ground, the dirt made ground and let out the you that you has
always been put away.
Oh you other people who have driven yourself into the ground
Get up and move on, uncover, discover, and prove who you really are and never let
yourself let anyone shove you away again.
That is what I want….a world like that…a world where every person no matter what
label, race, face, or gender you are, we can stand together and stand proud for us,
for now, and for our future
And for those who want no part in this fellowship of all…
Let them be put aside and watch from the sidelines…see what they are missing and long
for the same
And I will howl at them
You cannot stop the passion that brews in every heart of every person…
You cannot stop the desire to want to come together and really come together.
You can cover a mouth
You can shut down a mind
You can drown it out
You can stop the words
But you cannot and never stop the howl.

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