The Final Play

October 7, 2008
It is the fourth quarter and the tigers are down.
And if they lose John will put on an extremely big frown.
He is watching the game on a big television screen.
It is the most exciting game that he has ever seen.

The Tigers are playing the Jaguars, their most hated team.
And John looks very worried about the dangerous scene.
They are down by twoin this exciting basketball game.
If the Tigers lose, it'll be an embarrising shame.

The crowd in the game is electric and up on their feet.
Because the Jaguars were the top dogs and the team to beat.
Now there is only twenty grueling seconds left to play.
John is watching silently with nothing left to say.

It is the last play of the game and there is no doubt.
The coach of the Tigers stops the clock and calls a timeout.
John is nervous and impatient, and he can't really wait.
He's hoping that they beat the Jaguars the team that he just hates.

The team gets in a huddle to discuss a tricky play.
The coach tells his players the plan, and hopes they win that way.
John is even more nervous now and is biting his nails.
John is almost certail that the big secret plan wont fail.

John is very energized that the players are on the court.
Now that everyone is set, the time just seems so short.
The players are ready after the very short delay.
The ref is ready, blows the whistle and starts the play.

The Tigers will just end the game and hold for the last shot.
The Tigers will go at the Jaguars with everything they got.
As time is winding down, the player stops and shoots the ball.
The power went out, and John couldn't see the play at all.

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