Brooklyn's Shoes

October 7, 2008
Brooklyn looked in the closet at the huge amount of space.
You can tell she was annoyed by the weird look on her face.
Brooklyn thought and thought and could not decide what to choose.
Would it be a new outfit or a new pair of shoes?

"Of course the shoes!" she said, looking at the bare closet floor.
"I have lots and lots of clothes, I don't need anymore!"
Her thoughts went wild as she thought of color and kind.
If only you can see what was running through her mind.

Would she get a pair of boots with some fur on the inside?
Or maybe a pair of converse shoes with rainbow sides.
Perhaps a pair of flat shoes that are tied with a small bow.
With a pair of shoes like these, almost everyone would know.

Then a bad thought came to view, a problem she could not fix.
It covered her whole mind and joined in with the jumbled mix.
"Oh why? Oh why? Why did this have to happen to me?"
She had just realized she had absolutely no money.

"I'll just ask mommy!" she thought, with a smile on her face.
But she had said no as she dusted the buffet base.
"Daddy has money!" she thought as she gladly skipped along.
But Daddy's answer was no and she was proved wrong.

"Maybe I should get a job," she thought, but she was not glad.
The thought of working to get money made her very mad.
Brooklyn looked and looked and found a job that suit her nice.
But the important thing was that she was paid a good price.

"I can buy the whole mall with the money I got!"
Her mom drove her to the mall, whether she liked it or not.
As the parking lot neared, mom and daughter both looked in awe,
Because no one was prepared for the sight that they saw.

The parking lot was empty without a person in sight.
A wrecking ball was hitting the building with all its might.
All the big store signs lay broken on the parking lot ground.
They never knew that the city mall had just been closed down.

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