The One Spot

October 7, 2008
By Alexis Cargill, South Plainfield, NJ

It was our home court advantage for volleyball today,
Our adrenaline was pumping before we got to play.
It was the first game we had to play and win for our team,
My coach said I would play the six spot, I wanted to scream.

Filled with anger, I marched out waiting for the best spot,
I was burning up with anxiety and felt so hot.
Sweating and burning with a pleased face, it was now my time,
I stepped to the spot, grabbed the ball, and waited for the chime.

It seemed like forever until the referee would blow,
He finally blew it; the sound was very, very low.
I was ready to go but heard the sound and went "Oh no",
It was the alarm that stopped the greatest volleyball show.
I was enraged by this sound, why did the sound go off now?
The serve was taken away from me; I was so mad, wow!
It was insane; it was my time to shine like a star,
We would be outside for awhile, standing on black tar.

I was pacing myself quickly back and forth through the lot,
A car was speeding through the rocky lot and did not stop.
My team was bumping the official white game volleyball,
We lost control and it got ran over by the goofball.

The next second, we turned our heads and had heard a loud POP!
Oh great, what would we tell the coach; would he call a mean cop?
We huddled and decided what we would do; we would tell,
We were all scared and pushed the older kid whose name is Belle.

She told him the story and he understood the whole thing,
We were relieved and felt like some Whoppers from Burger King.
Then we realized we had a vicious game to play today,
The coach turned his body and told us something right away.
"The game is cancelled for right now; we do not have a ball",
Oh darn, we need a new ball, and we in a downfall.
It really reeks not to serve and not score a point for us,
I was waiting all day for this and this is not a plus.

My coach took me over and told me I would serve again.
For he said we would play again soon at Tiger's den.
Anyways, he said it was a scrimmage we played today,
The scrimmage is a practice for a test we would get to slay.

Wait just a second; I think he was very incorrect,
We could not play because of the bleachers they would erect.
We would travel to the middle school where we were not good,
There we would hit the roof, and the ball would hit the hardwood.

I was furious even more than anyone could think,
I was pretty positive that we would all really stink.
The next games we played there didn't go so well,
Our record was too horrific and from there on it fell.

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