Tears and Pain

October 6, 2008
By Holly Gregory, Wasilla, AK

Smiling through your tears,

Laughing at the pain.

It all hurts the same. The pains; are all the same.

Like a speeding train. Never slowing,

always coasting.

And when it gets faster, the pain soon becomes the master.

The unberable pain, is unbelievly insane.

Yet you keep on smiling.

Inside your slowing dying.

Crying out for help,

Screaming out for a savior.

Please save her!

Then its to late. The lid is shut. The box is burried.

She left in to much of a hurry.

She kept dying, slowley stopped smiling.

Laughter turned to screams.

She will never fullfill her dreams.

The stars are bright, with the slow fading sunlight.

And tonight, she shall not fight,


Its all over.....

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