October 4, 2008
By Megan Clark, Barrington, NH

There's an angel upon us all
Unnoticed, unseen, so small
Just a child, homeless and sad
Mother's dead and Dad's just Dad
Never comes home and not a word on her birthday
Leaves Angel to wallow in her own special way
Every Saturday she runs to the ocean
Captivated by sealife and the wave's unique motions
Salty fingers grab at her toes
Sharing with her everything she knows
Raw emotions from deep inside
Washed away with the tide
But soon enough Saturday's gone
Replaced by Sunday's early dawn
After a peaceful night on the rocks
To her home in the street, Angel walks
A blaring sound suddenly pierces the air
But Angel doesn't know from where
And then she's flying through the sky
The impact sending her up so high
Angel lands on the pavement with a crash
She sees a car, then a bright flash
Later at the hospital, Angel lays
Broken, alone and in a daze.
All the doctors swear she will survive
Until into the dark depths of death, Angel dives
Some will say she died of shock
So sharp, piercing like a dart
But those who knew her will disagree
This angel died of a broken heart

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