What My Words Said To Me

October 3, 2008
By Renia White, Riverdale, GA

Hold me
Mold me.
Write me on the leaves of the tallest trees,
so I can see all that inspired me.
Your purpose lies inside of me.
Do not forget why I am here.
I am the tears when
your heart cries.

Open a notebook and let me lie down.
Give me rest under the night sky,
in my bed of crisp, lined paper.

Have I ever told you that
I love when you write me
on your hand,
in the absence of a pad?
I embrace your welcoming gesture
after my unexpected arrival.

I come to you when you need me.
I flow from you when you
feed me raw emotions,
and I feast on all that they’ve done to you.

I know all.
So, get used to me hanging
from your lips.
I’m aware that you have many things to say,
for, I am the myriad of your mental creations.

Please, be patient when my structure
does not match your vision.
I am not perfection’s seed.
I am yours.

Love me.

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