a fantasy of love

October 1, 2008
By adrian reid, South Portland, ME

lets hold hands as we run on the beach,
I'll look into your eyes and tell you why i love you,
lets kiss in a meadow of flower,
and I'll sing to you as you sail on my ocean of love.

love so deep and so wonderful,
i ask is this real or is this just a fantasy,
but every kiss, every touch and every breath taking smile, tells the truth of the story,
like vows of a wedding or a mother of a child, my promise and love will always be with you,

i no longer dream of a world that would never exist, because you are my world,
its not obsession but it is the love that I've been looking for,
so if this is a fantasy, allow me to die in my sleep,
because i rather die with her as a fantasy than to die without her,

if i am a prisoner of love, give me a life sentence,
so give me the shackles,
and give me a cell,
and torture me with your love

so as my search for that perfect sketch comes to an end,
the love that i found is more than just a lover,
but a partner for the future ahead, the love of my life, and my love to the end

The author's comments:
written off the top of my head about someone i consider special, it came up while i was talking to her and from that i progressed on it

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