I Am Your Best Friend, Let Me Tell You Y?

October 1, 2008
You are here with me sit down,
relax and listen.
When you need to talk i am the one you can come to.
When you want to keep your secrets
a secret you can come to me.
When you are here with me
i will make you feel like you are somebody.
I will let you talk and understand your feelings
as i listen.
I will never leave you lonely
i will always be by your side.
i will help you find your strength
and be your eyes when you cant see.
i will be your ears when you cant hear.
i will be everything you want me to be
becuase i am the friend you can depend on.
i dont care whos around i will help you
hold your ground when no one else will.
i will help you fight your battles
when you lose your power and strength.
you can call me anytime of the day and night
and i will be there to listen to your problems.

Now you tell me this isnt what a best friend should do?
Love you all
Shaneikqua aka
The Future Poet aka

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