Darkened Gate

October 6, 2008
By Samantha Kitts, Knoxville, TN

Her human life spent in a daze
He gave her pain
She can not betray
Her heart stop cold
Her lifeless body lies cold
Her future unfolds

Is she so innocent how?
Bitten by an angel of fire
Her soul bound and chained
Her chance at life fades
Now eternally made
He gave her the kiss of dark
She eternally carries his crescent scar
She falls deep down
She is now the talk of the town
Her human life too far to mortally end now
She is given a new existence
She shows no resistance
Screams of pain
No longer remain
But she remembers what she gains
Life no longer in her veins
Now she wakes
Her choice has been made
Her light fades
At twilight's break

The author's comments:
When I was a little girl I aways loved to write poetry. I grew older and my love for reading about vampire romance grew too. Today I am proud to say I have written my first book and it brought joy into my life knowing I compleated this on my own.

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