Test Taking

October 5, 2008
Test Taking

It was silent in the room,
Except for the sound of pencils
Writing furiously on paper
Everyone was hunched over in their chairs
Concentrated on their own tests
Except for me,
I was sitting straight up in my seat

I looked at the boy to the left of me
He was writing so quickly,
As if he had prepared the test himself,
But I couldn’t read his handwriting

I looked at the girl to the right of me
She was writing slowly but surely,

With a quiet confidence
But her arm was covering her paper

I looked to the girl in front of me
She looked less sure of herself,
But she looked to be doing better than me
But she was too far away for me to see

I looked at the boy behind me
His face showed a determination
That promised good results
But I could not turn around to look at his paper
Or else I would be caught

I wanted answers
I looked in front
And I looked behind
I needed answers
Because this was a test
That I couldn’t afford to fail

I looked to my left
I looked to my right
And then I realized
The only person I had left to look at
Was me

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neisha all day said...
May 5, 2010 at 1:53 pm
i like dis rite all day this gone be my theme poem for test 4 da MCT2
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