Cynic’s Creed

October 5, 2008
By Ro Maweni, Burke, VA

I don’t believe in love
And I try hard not to feel
I had a dream last night
And woke up laughing
‘Cause I tasted a sweetness there
That’s just not real

I don’t have any hope
‘Cause I’ll never have my way
I guess its best I just shut up
And let those who count
Have their say

I don’t like getting hurt
So I tried to stand my ground
But I was so stupid
I should have realized
I’m supposed to let them
Put me down

I don’t think truth exists
And I don’t see kindness at all
Those who believe in goodwill
Are so ridiculous
That I’ll laugh so hard
When they fall

I don’t think there’s selflessness
Even in a child’s eyes
People are cruel
And I’m so far gone
You can’t convince me otherwise

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