Just A Girl

October 5, 2008
By Joy Stevenson, Paris, IL

Hey it's me can't you see??
The imperfect girl that wants to be seen.

Inside this girl is someone waiting to be free.
What's holding her back are her flaws and her dreams.

I know it doesn't make a bit of sense
But when do I make actual sense???

When it's cold or hot outside
I throw my hair up and put my makeup aside.

Eyeliner is all that will be seen on this girl.
Then you wonder why I do things outta this world.

You may think life is a piece of cake.
But when it comes to mine it's a huge mistake.

I like my life don't get me wrong.
But it could be better then it's been so far.

I wish I didn't always tripp and fall.
But once again it's just one of my flaws.

Everyone has got their flaws.
But I got lucky and got them all.

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