Into the night This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

August 25, 2013
Blending perfectly with the night, the mysterious fellow flew
His mind consumed on revenge and power-
Listening only to his emotions and not his virtue
He comes to a stop at the base of the tower.

Easily he grabs ahold the leafy green vines
His pulse jumping in excitement.
He begins climbing the steep incline
His movements anything but flippant.

However; he knows that if all goes as planned
He’ll never go back to how things were.
He’ll be marked a dead man
And on the run for sure

The life he lives and is living
The people he loves and knows.
All of it will lose its meaning
And friends will turn to foes.

But if he doesn’t go
All his riches will disappear.
He made his choice long ago
And now he must do his job and ignore the fear.

Heart beating hard he pulls himself over the ledge
And walks over to the closed door.
He pauses, his thoughts on edge
Not knowing if his mind is sure.

But pain leaves scars and anger burns red hot
And quickly conceals his misplaced doubt.
Without a hesitation or second thought
He knows he’s going to take all his personal demons out.

He opens the door and slithers inside
His breathing steady and slow.
Making his way with a cautious stride
He sticks to the shadows.

The lite torches eagerly guide his way
As shadows dance playfully along the walls.
He comes up behind his first prey
And smiles maliciously as the first soldier falls.

Wasting no time, he continues advancing
Three more men meet their maker before he comes to his destination
His heart is light and practically dancing
As he steps forward for his confrontation.

Creeping softly inside, he stands by the man sleeping in the bed
Taking his knife out, he’s poised over his chest.
A moment later the sheets are stained ruby red
And now the old man is left to eternal rest.

Remorse and overwhelming joy fight inside of him as he wipes his blade dry
Respectfully he leaves the sorry scene as clean as can be.
And once he’s outside he turns to say his final goodbye
“Goodbye, you old man. I’m finally free.”

With a grin and rude chuckle, he begins his descent down
Tasting freedom for the first time in twenty years.
With a spring in his step his feet hit the ground
Elated he walks away, his future made crystal clear.

Dipping into the shadows like a phantom of the night
He’s perfectly at ease.
Easily dodging obstacles left and right
It’s as if it was meant to be.

With cat-reflexes and eagle eyes he slinks on down the street.
His gait completely at ease and free of grief.
His heart going thump a thump in rhythm with his feet
Feeling only an overwhelming sense of relief.

Shadows grow as the sun begins to rise
For the first time in a thousand hours
Time to get out of sight and town, he sighs
Because with sunshine also comes showers.

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