Will Someone Care

October 3, 2008
By Keyakyo PLATINUM, Nortonville, Kansas
Keyakyo PLATINUM, Nortonville, Kansas
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People die...so love them everyday. Beauty fades...so look before it's gone. Love changes...but not the love you give. And if you love, you'll never be alone.

Will I lose my dignity,
Will I be taken advantage of,
Will I be lied to?
There are so many charlatans anymore,
That no one can de sure.
Will I become easy,
In my self conciousness?
Most people these days lack consciences,
The world is becoming so scary,
And horrible,
That nothing that could happen,
Would surprise me anymore.
Unless it is something really good,
Beacuse relly good things are becoming rare,
Will someone care?
If I get hurt,
If they hurt me,
If they hurt themselves?
Will they care,
When all love,
And trust,
Is gone from this world?
To be replaced by hatred,
And deceit?
Will I wake tomorrow,
From this nightmarish world?
A world that's gone cold?
A world that's headed
Towards ending in ice?
Maybe, at one point in time,
This world was nice,
But it is no longer.
Hate consumes us too easily,
And will soon be the end of us all.
Yet I ask you this,
Will someone care?

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a warning to everyone. This world is soon going to be overcome with hate, unless we refill our lives and hearts with love. So please remember to love, it's the greatest gift you can ever give to anyone else.

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