Letting the Silence Escape

October 2, 2008
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The girl at the back
Wanting to scream out everything
Wanting to be at the front instead of the back
She wants to speak

What she says is only a whisper
She has so much to say
So many things circling around the inside of her head
Waiting to be heard

She thought she had friends
That all changed when she recieved the message
That message changed it all
No more fake friends only true ones

Two good friends is all it takes
So much better then six fake ones
An interestong one and a funny one
That's all she needs

Ignore the old ones
Take care of the new ones
Enjoy their company
Hate the old ones

A new year starts
Get away from the old ones
Stay with the new ones
Avoid every single one of the old friends

The old ones seem happy without her
She's happier without them too
Laughing everyday with the new ones
Some days she thinks that the old ones look at her with envy in their eyes and when that happens a small smile forms on her face

Everthing has changed in the past year
She speaks,but still has to improve
This year will be the best year
With a new life

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