Sincerely, Your Heart

October 2, 2008
Girl, don’t fall for that again, his promises are fake.
Don’t you remember the last boy? It was me you let him break.
This boy’s got bad intentions girl, don’t listen to his words.
All he speaks are lies, everything we’ve already heard.
Girl, don’t get your hopes up, this ones no different then the last,
You’ve got to stop this soon and you better stop it fast.
He’s moving in too quickly girl, he’s going in too deep.
And when I shatter on the floor, I hope you learn to sweep.
Get out of there girl, you know it’s for our own good.
He doesn’t respect us, like you know he should.
You need to stop this nonsense girl, put the madness to a halt.
Don’t say you had no warning girl, you know it’ll be your fault.
Girl, just look at us, can’t you see he’s not worth while.
He doesn’t make us happy girl, he doesn’t make us smile.
He’ll rip me into pieces, and play you like a game.
He’ll kill you from the inside out; you’ll never be the same.
Please don’t do this to us girl, we’ll only end up hurt.
Girl, just take me back from him; he’s thrown me in the dirt.
You know what to say and you know what to do.
But, if you let this go girl, we’ll never make it through.

Your Heart

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CountryGurl2680 said...
Mar. 18, 2014 at 6:17 pm
i absolutly love this, very creative :)
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