Simply the Best of Friends

October 2, 2008
By Tonya Johnson, Brooksville, FL

Our friendship is like the salty waves that splash against my feet and sculpt the sandy shore of a sanctuary beach.
It's the warmth of the morning air that soothes the senses and the rays of beauty that wait impatiently to broaden its glow over the morning mountain peek.

It is like the dancing ribbon of colors that streak across the burning sunset sky in the dusk of a day.
And the puddle of light that is splashed in the undeniable night sky and glimmers over the sand of a bay.

Our friendship is flawless and never ends,
We are simply the best of friends.

Our friendship is like the heart that beats within me and allows me to stay alive,
Our friendship is like a fire that burns and without oxygen, it cannot survive.

Our friendship is like the radiant glow of a rainy afternoon rainbow ribbon,
Out through the clouds, through the rainy air, and as it lingers on the ground, it glistens.

Our giggles and laughs will never end,
We are simply the best of friends.

Our friendship is like the love and harmony that is deep within us all,
And the unmistakable sensation your body surrenders to when you’re hit with a cool gust of wind as summer changes to fall.

Our friendship will never end,
We will always be the best of friends.

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