October 2, 2008
By Alessia DiFilippo, Newcity, NY

In a dark cold room
The eeriness sends chills down her spine
Blinds are closed
Lights are shut
Locks are fastened
Dreary music plays faintly in the background
Like that out of a small wooden jewelry box

Lifeless and without motion as if she was stuck in time
Forever contemplating her dismal life
Like a silent movie in black and white
Lonely and brokenhearted
She wept through the night
As if her death was impending

In the shadows
The room was completely draped with a black cloak
She was detached from the world

Obvious disappointment
The peace is broken
Beating of her heart, heard through her chest
Panting, from all the tears shed
Miserably hammering her fist against her pillow

Definite pain
Throbbing of her head
Frustration upon her soul
Strains deep within her chest
She is aching to escape this misery

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