August 10, 2013
Your every action was planned.
Your every tear was choreographed.
Even your promises were unreal
And every laugh you laughed.

Our friendship was a game for you
And I was a dice
You threw me over the friendship board
And enjoyed watching me running on it as a mice.

I tried to give you my everything
But you tossed it in the trash.
You burnt the paper of our friendship
And enjoyed seeing turning it in ash.

I was always true to you
But you were never
My heart was always open for you
But yours was never.

You must have noticed on this paper
Some patches of tear
For they rushed out of my eyes
On your brutally murdering my heart with a spear.

I loved you with all my might
But you betrayed me.
I thought you were real
But you played me.

For you,
I can burn myself in fire.
But I know,
You’ll still be a liar.

I loved you
More than my limits
But you bored a hole
In my heart with gimlets.

I changed myself for you
But you mugged me.
I really loved you
But you pugged me.

In you, I loved.
In you, I trusted.
Like a pillar I was treated
Which by your betrayal has got rusted.

I must say you acted quite well
And made me a gigolo
You kicked me wherever you wanted
As if it was a game of polo.

Don’t worry, I won’t curse you
For my love is real.
I pray to God for your longevity
Because for you, I still feel.

I trusted your every breath.
I trusted your every word.
I wish I’d knew that you would flew me
Like you flew from your window pane yesterday a sweet little bird.

I always treated you like an angel
But you treated me like a devil.
Like a video game you played me
And won by clearing my every level.

You had no feelings for me.
You were cold-blooded.
On your act of betrayal,
My eyes got flooded.

No matter what you did to me
For you, I’ll always be there
I thought you were a good dream
But you turned out to be a nightmare.

Here I am.
Writing these lines to you.
Taking pills of poison
And blood is all now I spew.

No more I can write now
For I am losing my breath.
It’s black all I see now
I'm going out of my strength.

Promise me that you’ll always be happy.
Because in your happiness lies my heaven.
I’m counting my last breaths now.
Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven.

Oh girl! It was a nice time I spent with you
But now I must say ‘Good Bye’.
Before dying, I want to tell you one thing.
That my love for you was never a lie.

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