The Deadliest Sin

October 2, 2008
I whisper no words
I write them with blood
You cannot see me
But I see what I should
I see the torture
In your dark blue eyes
I feel the terror
Running up your spine
You’re begging me not
I’m telling you no
I won’t let you free
I’ll never let you go
I am the living, the dead
The bastard child-be
I have forgiveness for none
None have forgiveness for me
I’ve done what I’ve done
You still pursue
I’ve ran into darkness
I’m coming after you
Don’t try to hide
Don’t try to seek
I see everything
I hear every word you speak
My hands run with blood
It will never go away
It will just return
When you come my way
You call me a monster
I call you my slave
No matter what you speak
You can never be saved
I once was different
You did not look my way
You left me alone
To become what I am today
I cannot escape this
You’ve made me what I am
The monster that terrifies you
Was made by your hands

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