Breezing by life's essentials

September 29, 2008
By Angelina Clemons, Attleboro, MA

I am….

I’ll be every color.
Every color fully entwined with the world.
Every shadow.
Every light.
Every spec of dust embracing existence.
I’ll let go of the shape I am.
Morph into something life remembering.
I’ll be the song of morning dew.
Where I croon of the day to come.
I’ll be the feline perched on the laps of memories.
I’ll be that couch.
Where life stories are imprinted upon me.
I’ll be that solitary bench.
Where dreamers, dream.
I’ll be that plain of grass.
Where sleepers lay.
I’ll be that confession room.
Where sinners convey.
But I wish to be a bubble.
In which a child frivolously blows.
Reflecting against life.
Aimlessly wandering the blue lit sky.
Oblivious to fears, cares, or needs.
I am that particle.
Floating in the calm nights air,
Breezing by life’s essentials.

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