September 28, 2008
Destiny is our reassurance of our soul budding into a passion that's so uncontrollable
Destiny is what we carry through out our exceedingly weary lives
Destiny guides us like a candle in the dimness and shadows
Destiny encourages us to achieve those goals that seem unattainable
Destiny forces us to continue our dreams, which there are so many possibilities
Destiny is what brings you and I together
Destiny, it was and destiny it will always be
Destiny brought me to you and you to me
Destiny is a wonderful thing, so unchangeable, so unpredictable, and so unconventional sometimes
Destiny is given to all of us and it isn't our choice on how to use it
The destiny I choose is to be a wonderful daughter to you
I will try my hardest to make you proud of all I do
You have to understand though that I'm far from perfect
I will fail through out my life, far from correct
I will let you down; I already did last time a checked
It's not because I want to it's because I human
Even though my eyesight is acumen
You may not understand all my actions, neither do I
You may not care about my problems, I don't know why
We have our differences, our ideas, and opinions
But I will always love you for who you are with all my heart
My heart is different than my destiny
I can do with it whatever pleases me
I chose to give my love to you forever and until the end of time
U will always be mine

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raindance72 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 30, 2011 at 9:08 am
This was perfect until I got "U will always be mine". I really don't like the "U", and making this less cliche and a bit stronger could really help. I absolutely loved the rest of it, though; overall the piece was very good.
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