Just A Poem

September 28, 2008
Cutters Cut
Carvers Carve
What's The Big Deal???
It's Bodily Harm.

You Do It Once You DO It Twice,
Thewn It Starts To Control Your Life.

You Think It's Cool You Think It's Nice,
But It's Just ZGoing To Make A Scar For Life.

You Start To Cut Out Comes The Blood,
You Think It's Not Deep But It Starts To Run.

You Start To Get Scared You Don't Know What To Do,
Should You Tell Your Mom Or Just Count To Two.

It Finally Stops Your Not Scared Anymore,
So You Count To Two And Do A Few More.

You Like The Pain It Relieves Your Stress,
But What You Just Did You Put Your Body To The Test.

You Cut One Last Time They're All Down Your Arms,
But This Ones Too Late You Get Dizzy And Faint.

Your Mom Hears Your Fall And She Runs Up To See,
Her Daughter On The Floor Fighting To Breathe.

Who Would Have Thought That Be Her Last Breath.
But It Was And Now You See,
That Cutting And Carving Is A Dangerous Way To Live.

So With That In Mind And This Poem As Well Please Dont Go And Cut Or Carve On Yourself!~

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miracle_of_hope said...
Aug. 10, 2011 at 9:47 pm

um she would have fainted from blood loss before she died and once you faint the extremeties are cut of from blood flow and you tend to survive. just noting a flaw in your research.....

but it is a good poem and i agree with the message

liloreo5891 said...
Oct. 3, 2008 at 8:46 pm
i think its a GREAT poem and so true!
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