September 28, 2008
By , Edgewater Park, NJ
Just leave me to cry on my own
my pain triggered of this love that you
cry more for the fact that you're not here,
or cry less that my vision is getting so blurry.
Why cry over the person that you love?
When your voice was so gentle to my ears,
oh dove.
I give up on love,
it was all such a fake,
every quote of love you had for me
was all a mistake.

Heartbroken little girl,
oh how she rarely cries,
but now she sits in front of me now
with pain in her eyes.

A part of her broke in half,
the other piece all gone,
left lifeless freaking out and her
heart as hard as stone.

heartbroken girl sits here bleeding black,
crying more of life that she lacks,
easily taken advantage of,
her life of Hell,
with no one to sit here and wish her well.

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