Control of My Head

September 29, 2008
I sit here then settle on my bed.
And I have all these thoughts racing through my head.
There is nothing else to do except think of you.
You’re always in my mind, all of the time.
I can’t let go of how you make me feel.
I get a sensation in my body that tells me this is for real – so real.
I believe I love you and I plan to keep it that way.
I need you to show me the way.
Yeah you know what, man that kid is fine.
But instead you’re the one that popped into my mind.
And I remember that you’re the one that I want to call mine.
I wish you could come take me away from this pain that has invented me.
I sit there in the dark and cry my eyes out hard.
Just wishing that something could spark.
So come . . .
Come and show me the way.
The way that can take me away to a far away place.
I just want you to take away all these bad memories.
I’m trapped inside this cage tonight.
People torture my brain with blades and knives.
I need you to try to save my life.
Before I go insane.
And now there’s nothing left that remains.
But only one thought that never goes away.
It’s of you and it erases the pain; in fact, it’s like a flood taking over my brain.
Now I’m drowning in the thought of you.
Knowing that I’ll be distraught without you.
As I lay here on my bed, I go back and comprehend all these thoughts in my head.
And I’ve now just realized that everything I dread had been but to bed, bed, bed.
Only because you are the control of my head.
I thank you for everything you do.
I know that what I’m feeling is true.
You are teaching me to love myself.
And it’s that has to be the hardest thing I could ever do.
I love you.
And I know you love me too.

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