Yet So Dumb

September 29, 2008
By Tonya Dardine, New Richmond, WI

Just years ago I was just a little boy.
I was playing T-ball with that leather glove.
Now i am 20 and playing with alcohol.
I love the feeling of nothing at all.
I love the taste of cold crisp beer swimming down my throat.
I just cant get away.
The alcohol takes me away to a side of me I never once dreamed.
I swear at her, I call her names, I yell at her, but not yet have I hit her.
They try to help, but I just cant stop.
They tell me to grow up, but I just wont.
Alcohols my life and I will never stop.
I'm sorry mom.
I'm sorry dad.
I'm an alcoholic ruining my life.
Don’t try to stop me, don’t get me help.
I wont listen, I will just tip the can back instead.
Leave me alone.
I don’t need you.
Just shut up.
I don’t need you telling me what to do.
I'm a grown man, yet so dumb.
I am the alcoholic my mother told me I’d become.

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