Powerful Words.

September 27, 2008
By Anonymous

Cant you see the sorrow in her eyes
Her figure
The outlines and marks of previous tears
The heart pumping irregularly
The black thick hair in her face
Or the bruises in her insides
Her lost hope and faith
Emotions rising
How much she tended to help
But got crushed by the waves
How she would bend on the rocks
Hoping to find her strength
To go on.
Paint her nails dark black
And rip out her frown
The surrounding room is no match,
You can still hear her sob
The intensity in her face
the posture in her shoulders
open the velvet curtains
and see her outside
alone in the pouring rain just waiting for you
the wind blowing, making her squint
she wishes you were there
she thinks she wasted her time
and I believe she wishes she hadn’t
you don’t love her anymore
She knows it too
She is devastated
Her shaking hands on the tree’s branches
Looking for a route, a way to escape
Your surreal grasp around her soon
Her dreamy gaze on the light blue sky
The clouds flowing over the bright sun
She’s waiting for you to tell her
The night is coming
The moon is full
The stars are stunning
And so is she
Go change her mind
Tell her you love her
Make her day
She wishes to hold you, she won’t admit
But she knows she is dyeing to hear those three powerful words

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