Test Results

September 27, 2008
They have arrived,
They are here and everyone knows.
Palms sweat as fingers tap desks,
Fidgeting is constant as distressed pupils wait.

They are here.
The smug woman walks in with a swagger,
A pristine white paper in her fate-filled hands.
The torment of the students is palpable.
Slowly, so slowly her heels click to the board.

They are here.
Turning she glares at us down her pin nose, prolonging the agony.
The simple, printed page is then lifted in her grasp.
She bluntly stabs a thumbtack through the sheet,
tearing through our adolescent fate.

They are here.
No one moves,
The clock ticks, seconds pass...
One brave soul cautiously shuffles from his desk.,
Time is up. The class follows.

They are here.
Our hope, destiny, or demise...
The test results are here.

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drummerboy52693 said...
Oct. 2, 2008 at 1:21 am
BEST POEM IVE EVER READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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