September 27, 2008
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How long have i been standing here
with false laughs and fake smiles from ear to ear?
I can't show my true emotions
because the show i have on display looms over my head like a wave from the ocean
If i smile and laugh like the rest of them
Soon it will all go away.
If i act and talk like the rest of them
Surely it will all go away?
If i think and dress like the rest of them
Certainly it has to go away.
At least, that's what they say.
I don't stand out
I don't speak up
I blend right in with the sea of people I'm surrounded by
But nothing is changing.
Nothing is going away.
So for once, i speak for myself
and swim to the surface.
And as i take my first breath
I open my eyes.
I step out of the sea, clean and new
Now i smile when i want to
Not when i'm told.
I stand out of the crowd
Like a beacon for others
I am my own
I am unique
and yes, i AM DIFFERENT.
But at least i am me.
How many can say that much?

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