Where Caring Gets You

September 26, 2008
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Do you want to know what happens when you care?
You can ask me,
For I'm there.
Basically, it's like this:
You start to care for people as a little kid,
They are mostly your family,
They first teach you love.
Then you start to care for other kids,
Animals as well,
And come to love them in some form.
Early teens introduces you to the worst kind of love,
The kind that never seems to last,
But at one time seemed so real,
Felt so right.
By this time,
People have all taken tiny bits of your heart,
You may not realize this for quite a while,
And trust me,
The longer it takes, the luckier you are.
Once you feel it,
The hole they've created,
By hurting you in some way,
Whether it be by dying,
Moving, forgetting, or changing,
A hole in your heart.
When this hole is big enough for you to feel,
It can never fully heal,
Sometimes it can't even heal partially.
Soon it starts to bleed,
And every drop of blood,
After it laeves the hole,
Turns black,
For it's dead,
And it can't change,
Or come back.
My heart has been bleeding for a while now,
Not sure how much of me has died.
Sure seems like a lot,
On some days,
But I'll never really know.
I guess if I die early,
Then it's a lot.
If I die mid-age,
Then it's some,
If I die old,
Then either, it feels like more than it really is,
Or I'm lucky enough to suffer,
From a bleeding heart,
For a long life.
That's where caring gets you.

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