7 senses

September 23, 2008
By joyce nope, N/A, HI

your nose to smell
to smell the scent off their skin
to smell their hair when you hold them in your arms
to smell their smell and be lost in the fume
to be stuck and never get back up from the very moment

your ears to hear
to hear them say your name and scream it at the top of their lungs
to hear them say they love you and treasure it dearly in your heart
to hear them shed tears and never stop
to hear them take their final breath

your eyes to see
to see them fall and your hands too late to catch them
to see them look at you with warmth and love in their eyes you know you don't deserve
to see them try to move, try to talk
to see their eyes close, too fast to take

your mouth to speak
to tell them they're needed, that you're sorry until it's too late
to tell them "I love you" until it's too late
to tell them how much they mean to you until it's too late
to tell them that you're theirs forever and that you'll be there when they wake up

your skin to feel, to touch
to feel their warm skin go cold
to feel their hands as they try to raise
to touch their face and hold it in your hands
to touch their eyes and kiss their tears away

you head to keep it together
to hold it very dear
to keep the memories close
to never forget
but always regret

you heart to hold
to hold them close
to keep them there
to hold the burden
to give before they go

The author's comments:
it talks about a lost of love
the feelings using the 5 senses
but I put head and heart so that adds up to be 7 senses

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