Elementary: My Life

September 23, 2008
By Anonymous

They threw soap on me
They made fun of me when I got time out
Mom told me to fight
Grandma said just to try and make friends
But as in pre-school I suffered thorough
Trying not to cry along the way

First Grade
I told a secret that should’ve been kept
I was laughed at while I wept
Letters exchanged
Sand was thrown
People told me I was no good
And I believed them, as I should

Second Grade
A second chance
The first part hell
But finally peace
Home school was to be my sanctuary
For the next few months at least

Third Grade
Pushed out of heaven
Back into hell
The fears and lies I Remember
The crush
And the secret let out once more
But I was safe
For I had found sanctuary in one

Fourth Grade
The sanctuary still there
Still safe and protecting me
And now to come a new year
A new promise
A way to make up what once was
A new tomorrow
But still I have the same old sorrow

Fifth Grade
Sanctuary still there yet gone
An empty space in my heart
An empty presence in my life
Yet life goes on
As all things do
But for an unknown reason things slip
My world begins to fall
A crushed little thing among them all

Sixth Grade
Sanctuary still gone
But as said before life goes on
And I must keep singing my song
A teacher is a new hope
A new day to grace the halls
I have been blessed with some happiness and cheer
But it ends later as I leave the place behind
This thing I once cherished and hid behind
Is now a mask, which I must take off
Shyness now longer holding me from being me

Seventh Grade
A bold move helps me back into my rightful place
Good friends and good cheer
It will be a happy and merry year
No longer will boldness be a brave I can never contend
No longer will I give up as soon as it feels I must come to an end
I will not let things hold me back because they can
I must stay strong and stronger as I am
A new sanctuary found
The old one left behind
For time is something not to be wasted on what you should’ve done
But what you did

Eighth Grade
A new hairstyle greets the new year
A switch in friends brings a new challenges to master
Many new sanctuaries added to the bunch
I feel as if I could jump up high
Jump up high and touch the sky
There are cracks in the road and things to remember
But it is clear last year was not a dream
My life will continue on like this it seems
Hopefully I’ll see new places
And meet many, many, many new faces
Possibly I can agree
This is the brand new me

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on Feb. 25 2009 at 12:23 am
iheartvolleyball, North Jersey, New Jersey
0 articles 0 photos 17 comments
aw i hope this is not based on your experience because the beginning is really sad. i like how it gets better though. it kind of reads like a journal which is nice and different.

good work =]


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