His Eyes

September 23, 2008
By Andrea Ilgen, Lyndon Station, WI

His eyes are blue like the sky and the sea.
His eyes are green like the leaves in the trees.
His eyes are yellow like the sun.
His eyes are brown like the ground.

His eyes are filled with compassion,
“There’s enough of me to go around” they seem to say
His eyes can be filled with anger against those who do wrong.
His eyes are caring just like the rest of him for those he cares about and loves.
His eyes are so deep, so full, that you could get lost in them,
Just trying to figure out what he’s thinking.
You can’t imagine what he’s doing by looking at him.
You must look in his eyes.

For his eyes are filled with many things.
Anything, but color.

The author's comments:
My friend inspired me to write this poem because his eyes were the first thing i really noticed about him.

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